4 Proven Tips To Design the custom business cards For Maximizing impact

The business cards are essentially multi-purpose tools to fulfill various business needs, including brand recognition, advertising, contact information, and call-to-action. If you can hire the right company to design the card perfectly, the pocket-sized billboard can leave an effective impression. In fact, passing strangers can become permanent customers of the brand initially owing to a well-designed card.

Here, you will get some useful tips for designing fox business cards and making them memorable to anyone receiving them.

Tip #1: Look for reflection of personality

Your business card will say a lot about the company and yourself. So the card should be the personification of what you are or what the business is all about. Take a look at a couple of common examples.

  • When you are a professional dog walker, your business card must be colorful and vibrant with an informal tone to represent the fun nature of the business. 
  • But when you are a modern interior decorator, the business card should be extremely elegant with modern designs and a clean appearance. 

Talk to the web design company who can analyze the graphics that will suit the nature of your business. 

Tip #2: Organize the information

First things first. Decide what you want to put on the business card. Is it just the contact details? Or something about the company? Maybe the logo? The aim of making custom business cards is to provide all necessary information to the receivers. 

  • They must have a phone number to contact you.
  • There should be the email id for mailing.
  • An address shows your physical existence
  • Name and job title on the cards of the employees.
  • Social media handles

But the designers will play a crucial role in organizing all this information on the card without making it cluttered. 


Tip #3: Finding the right typeface

Have you been using a particular font in all the marketing materials and the website? Then it is a good idea to bring it along in the business card design. The font is usually the representation of the brand. The designers suggest sticking to elegant scripts if you are a formal professional. But the font size must be big enough to make it legible. 

  • Change the font size for the information that is critical, like the name of the company or contact numbers.
  • Make the name bold if you are planning for some branding. 

But the orientation and sizing will depend on the expertise of the designer.

Tip #4: Maximize the logo

The business card is more than some contact information. It will be the representation of the brand. So focus on two design elements chiefly:

  1. Logo
  2. Brand colors

These elements will serve as the vital elements of the business card design too. Experienced designers may suggest dedicating one side of the card solely to the logo for a maximum visual representation of the brand. 

Select wisely

The selection of the company that will design the business card matters a lot. The expertise of the designer will decide whether the card will catch the eye of potential clients or it will be just another casual addition to someone’s wallet. 



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