June 1, 2023

City traffic isn’t always your biggest friend. It is clustered, congested, noisy, and above all time consuming. It is also very expensive, especially if you have a vehicle of your own. It costs more gas and petrol than usual with all the heavy traffic, and the cluster also increases greater chances of someone bumping their car into yours. The repeated heavy usage of your vehicle also calls for more maintenance than usual as well. Hence, here are a few ways that can help you travel in a crowded city efficiently, and economically.

Taking the Subway

Subways are underground trains that move within the city, having stopping stations at multiple popular land points. It is inexpensive, fast, and convenient. The stations almost cover the whole city so there is a very good probability that wherever you want to drop off too has a station nearby as well. Along with this, subways have also proven to be quite safe as most of the themes you have a lot of people around you. Most countries have some alternative form of Subway if not the underground train itself. They all usually work in similar manners, stopping station by station and covering the whole city at a very reasonable rate.

Taking the Bus

Buses are usually the option of choice when it comes to traveling, especially in cities that do not yet have some isolated traveling system. Like Subways, buses are a means of public transport and are another very inexpensive way of traveling. Although traveling by Subway might be smooth and traffic free, buses unfortunately do not enjoy the same luxury. Like all other vehicles, buses have to travel on the road with all the rest of the traffic rush. Other than that, buses are a very good option for traveling economically.

Carpooling with Friends

Another economical way to travel is carpooling together with friends. Though it might not be as economical as traveling by bus or the subway, it is a good option nonetheless. It can save fuel and contribute to decreasing the traffic load as well.

Traveling by Motorbikes or Bicycles

Motorbikes occupy significantly less space than a vehicle and consume significantly less fuel as well. What’s more is that most countries have specific bike lanes to travel which decrease the heavy traffic load as well. Even if your country does not have bike lanes, if driven carefully, bikes can still be a very good option. However, if you’re not careful while riding them, motorbikes can cause accidents that can even turn out to be fatal. Another disadvantage of motorbikes is that you can’t have much shelter from the weather either. Similarly, if the traveling distance is short, you can even travel by bicycle. Although it has similar disadvantages as motorbikes, it can also be a source of healthy body exercise.

Traveling by Roller Shoes

Traveling by roller shoes is another fun and innovative way to travel especially if you have a distance too long to walk but not too long for a little skating. You can travel by footpath, save a lot of money and fuel and also get some body workout as well.

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