Are you in search of the most efficient scheme to save money that will give you returns that are guaranteed?

Every stage of life comes with specific requirements; our goals for the future in life require a stable and constant income. However, uncertainty is often the reason that makes it difficult to secure that income task.

We offer the ‘Canara Life HSBC Insurance Guaranteed Income4Life which is a non-linked life insurance plan that is non-participating, a single savings plan for cum protection that offers assured benefits and monthly income to achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals.

A highly customized life insurance plan with many options for the payment options for premiums as well as other options to allow the individual’s needs and life stages.

We’ve got it covered whether it’s life insurance for your spouse and you as well as meeting your child’s academic requirements, helping you prepare for retirement early or providing you with an additional source of income to ensure that every promise is fulfilled.


In just four steps, you can tailor the coverage to meet your particular needs and goals in the financial market:

1. Find out how much money you want to save. This is the annual cost.

Step 2. Choose the Premium Payment Terms (PPT)/Deferment Duration (DP) and the premium payment method, and the income frequency. The policy’s term is PPT plus DP.

Step 3. Select the Premium Protection Cover (PPC) If you require it.

4. Your years of age determine the regular income of this most efficient savings scheme as well as the selected options and any Assured Liability Additional additions to the policy.

For instance:

Sohan 40-year-old Sohan is the father of an unborn son of three years named Riaan. He is planning to buy a minimal pay assured insurance plan to guarantee a regular income for his education. To meet this requirement the plan he picks is Canara HSBC Life Insurance Guaranteed Income4Life Guaranteed income.

He opts for a 10-year premium payment period and five-year deferment. The term of his policy extends to fifteen years. At that time he will require a regular income for his further and professional training. He is required to pay Rs. 100,000 at the beginning of the insurance year (before any applicable Goods and Services Tax & the applicable access levy or access levy, if applicable). The policy also allows Premium Protection coverage.


Guaranteed Income4Life Plan Guaranteed income4life Plan can be described as the best savings scheme that offers a range of benefits, including death payouts as well as maturity benefits and the possibility of survival benefits along with an additional bonus alongside the money guaranteed.

The company’s earnings are dependent on its performance. It is crucial to look at the various elements of an insurance policy for life.


In the course of the insurance term, it is expected to pay the insured every couple of years. The payout starts after a few years from the date of the policy’s creation and continues until the policy’s maturity. Rohan For instance has decided to take the money-back insurance policy that has an amount guaranteed of 5 lakhs. 5 lakhs over a period of 20 years.

He’ll be required to pay a monthly premium for the following 20 years to receive a percentage of the insured cash regularly. In the five, tenth, and fifteenth years of the insurance, he will receive fifteen percent of the sum that is insured. This is equivalent to 15 three times = 45 percent of the Sum Assured as a Lifetime Benefit. Additionally, upon reaching retirement, the insured would receive the remaining 55% of the insured amount and any bonus.

(Note the numbers in the example above are sole to illustrate the point. In reality the precise number of times, the amount promised and the percentage might be different.)


The policy’s nominee is entitled to the death benefit of the insured. This is a benefit that includes all of the cashback insurance policy‘s guarantee amount, as well as the bonus that accrues on the policy. But, it does not contain the benefit of survival that is paid only to the insured when they’re still alive.

In the example above, Mr. A passes away 17 years following the purchase of the policy. In this case, the applicant will receive the promised amount and also the amount they earned during the past 17 years prior to when the decision was taken. Survivor benefits that are not used up are kept in reserve.


The benefit is accessed by the insured at the time of the money-back policy and is comprised of three components:

  • Sum Assured It is the total insurance coverage that the insured chooses at the time of establishing the policy.
  • the Bonus It includes the insurance company’s stated reversionary bonus. The success of the company is the main determinant of the amount.


It’s an investment strategy for savings. It offers survival benefits as well as maturity benefits and even a bonus (if there is one).

The policies for refunds are vital because they pay out regularly for an amount of time until the end of the policy’s duration.

In our uncertain world which is changing rapidly, it is possible to experience sudden ups and downs with no warning.

If everything is going smoothly it is not a problem. The problem comes when the circumstances change and you’re financially devastated. It is possible to establish an investment fund for your future growth and success. There are a number of motives in order to conserve money like investing in your business every couple of years, paying for your child’s education, or even your child’s school. Money-back policies are among the most secure strategies for saving cash.

In addition, money-back policies also include life insurance coverage.


money-back insurance policy provides benefits for survival like a percentage of the insured amount (at specific intervals) and maturity benefits as well as a bonus earned.


This is the best option as it covers a part of the insured amount in regular intervals throughout the duration of the policy. This will provide you with the liquidity that is required and allows you to better manage your money to meet various goals all throughout your lifetime.


If you’re not risk-averse thing, then the cash-back guarantee is the best alternative for you. Since there’s no risk it is the most secure return policy that can be selected.


money-back policy is a good idea for investors looking for certain returns and growth potential and payments at specific times to pay for large costs that could arise in the near future.

The Guaranteed Income4Life plan can be the most efficient savings plan that’s kind that is a life insurance plan which gives the insured regular returns or a lump sum amount at a certain time throughout the term of the policy. The return offered through this insurance can have a guarantee, be contingent upon the performance of investments, or a combination of both.

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