May 28, 2023
How to Succeed With Solventless Processing

If you’re looking for information on solventless processing, you’ve come to the right place. This covers six important tips for successful solventless businesses. In this informative guide, this informative guide will learn about the benefits of solventless extraction and the advantages of rosin vaporizer cartridges.

Profitable Method of Extraction

A solventless extraction process is a profitable method of cannabis extraction that does not use chemicals. It also allows for a better quality product. The process also requires much less equipment and ventilation. The end product typically sells for a premium. Solventless is a good choice whether you want to focus on a specialty product or sell to the general public.

Compared to solvent-based extraction, solventless extraction is much easier to scale. The equipment required is inexpensive, and it requires minimal training. Additionally, it produces an end product with fewer impurities.

Limitations of Solventless Concentrates

There are many benefits of solventless extraction and some limitations as well. For example, there are fewer steps and start-up costs, and the solventless method is safer. It is also easier to oversee, especially if a technician is leading the process. Another benefit is the reduction of costs, which are typically significant when preparing cannabis.

Solventless extracts and shatter are both commercially available, and their production methods are much safer than solvent-based methods. This means that solventless shatter and extracts are more cost-effective. Solventless shatter is also cleaner than BHO, removing the concern about harmful chemicals. It’s time for cannabis producers to consider solventless extraction and shatter as an addition to their SKUs.


Solventless products like that of solventless concentrate bay area are rapidly gaining popularity, especially since the vaping crisis in 2019. The vaping industry’s additives were responsible for dozens of deaths and more than two thousand hospitalizations. As a result, manufacturers have shifted to solventless concentrates, which deliver a fuller expression of cannabinoids and terpenes. According to Aaron Nino, director of the production at Camp, a cannabis ingredients manufacturer in Nevada, the demand for solventless products has tripled since the vaping crisis broke. Meanwhile, he expects the concentrated cannabis industry to grow 17.6% by 2021 in five states that have legalized marijuana.

Solventless extraction methods also have lower start-up costs. In contrast, the cost of BHO and CO2 equivalents can easily run into the six-figure range. Additionally, solventless methods require less heavy industrial equipment.


When pursuing solventless processing, having the right equipment is key to success. Developing a comprehensive equipment list is a crucial first step in setting up your lab. A plan will also help you succeed in this rapidly growing market segment. Solventless processing is quite different from traditional solvent-based processing, so your lab build-out needs will be different too.

While hydrocarbon concentrates have been reduced by up to 50% in the past three years, retail prices of solventless products are still high. This is impacting the economics of extractors.


Ventilation with solventless composite equipment will tend to flocculate around the exhaust port. This is caused by the high viscosity of the adhesive, which sucks into the air during high-speed production. As a result, the fly ash adheres to the exhaust port surface. This issue can be minimized by increasing the exhaust volume. Cleaning the vent more frequently can also be beneficial in maintaining a steady exhaust volume.

Explosion Safety

Explosion safety is an important consideration in any production process. While it is impossible to eliminate the possibility of an explosion, solventless processes are considered safer. Many disastrous explosions have been reported in DIY extraction labs, resulting in the death of workers and the destruction of property. In contrast, solvent-based processes have to spend more on safety, including installing blast-proof C1D1 rooms.

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