June 1, 2023
Lime Torrents: 5 Different Torrent Sites Still Online

As we all know that use of torrents is illegal in some countries and many  ISPs (internet service providers) and countries are trying to shut down these torrents sites, it is a fact that many of these are struggling for their existence. Despite all this, there are still some torrent sites that are currently active and can be used to download your favorite video and audio content online anywhere and anytime using torrent VPNs.

LimeTorrent is one of these torrent sites that can be used to download online content. This site was launched back in 2009 and in a very short time, it gained a lot of popularity due to the availability of great content on it. It has a good interface that is very easy to use.

Many other torrent sites on the internet can be used to download torrents. These sites are:

1- YTS

If you are a movie lover and searching for free online movies the YTS is the perfect torrent site for you. The library of this site is not as big as other famous torrent sites like the pirate bay. Despite a small library, the site has more than a million visits on monthly basis and it gives an average of 3 to 4Mbps of downloading speed.

In addition to this, the site only focuses on the movies and tries its best to keep the torrents with small size and HD quality. The interface of the site is also good and very easy to use for its users.

2- The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is one of the most famous torrent sites which is a crowd favorite for many years. It has a user base in millions. The monthly visits on the site are in millions. The site is banned in many countries but even then the monthly visits on the site are maybe around 30 to 65 million.

It has a huge library size. It has millions of files in its library that are divided into indifferent categories. The average downloading speed on the site is 6MBps.

The site has a clean and easy-to-use interface that helps its users to reach their desired video content very easily. We can say that pirates bay is the king of all torrent sites.


If you like to watch and download your favorite shows free of cost then EZTV is the best torrent for you. It does not have a big library but even though it is the ideal place for TV show lovers as it has all new releases of different TV shows in HD quality.

It also has a good seeder/leecher ratio and it has over 20 million visitors every month. The EZTV has a huge variety of torrents for various TV shows for its visitors. All the new and old tv shows are available on ECTV.


This site has a big collection of torrents that are popular for their high-quality torrents and seeders. The site was first launched in 2008 and in a very short time, it became very famous due to its rich and HD quality content. Today, the site has more than 40 million users on monthly basis.

RARBG is also a very high-quality site that competes with The Pirates Bay as it also provides content in multiple categories to its users. The library RARBG is also good and it gets updated on daily basis.

The download speed of RARBG and The Pirate Bay is almost the same. Only the difference between these two sites is that the ad intrusion on RARBG is more than The Pirates Bay. RARBG is blocked by the governments of the UK, Portugal, and Denmark, so if you are living there then you will have to use VPN to access the site.

5- TorrentsDownload.me

This site was developed back in 2007 and it is still working till now. The site is engaging more than 100 million users on monthly basis.  There are more than 16 million torrents used for the download on this site.

It has a huge database online that contains TV shows, documentaries, movies, music, and other torrent files. In earlier years, the site has a difficult time with its security issue but now the site is working perfectly. This is one of the best torrent sites available on the internet.

The TorrentDownlaod.me has great protection on a security basis, although the site has some security issues sometime back now it is working smoothly.


There are many benefits of using torrent sites. You can watch your favorite video content online free of cost. You can find the content of your own choice like software programs, video games, documentaries, series, ebooks, anime, TV shows, and movies. However, when you are using any torrent from the above list, keep yourself secure and always prioritize your privacy on anything online to avoid any inconvenience.

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