March 25, 2023
Picuki Instagram

Need to see what your friends have been posting on Instagram but don’t want to bother getting an account? If so, there’s now an easy way to view Instagram photos without an account: the Picuki search engine allows you to find photos by hashtags and users, even when you don’t know the exact URL of the photo.

Picuki Instagram features 

Search by hashtag

Currently, Picuki is only available for Android users, but a Web version is on its way. Once that rolls out, you’ll be able to search any user by their hashtag.

Comment on posts

Now, you can comment on posts! Go and share your opinion with our community of users. Even if you do not have an account, you can still participate in discussions about photography. Make sure to use a real email so we can get back to you and let us know what you think of Picuki!

Like photos

Like your photos. Posts that receive a lot of likes and comments are more likely to be surfaced on picuki search results. (Surface means showing up in search results.) For example, if you post a picture of your food and get 100 likes, then when someone searches for my favorite food, your picture is more likely to show up.

Follow people

Following people on Picuki is like following them on Instagram – you can see what photos they’ve posted, who’s tagged them, and more. But here’s a key difference: you don’t need to sign up for an account to follow people! If you do decide that Picuki is cool enough for you, however, all your photo streams are saved when you create your account. That way, when you come back and log in later, everything is right where it should be. Easy peasy!

Share photos

Picuki lets you look at photos posted by people you don’t follow on social media, by searching with certain hashtags. As of January 2022, more than 100 million photos have been uploaded and shared on Instagram. The app also allows users to post pictures from their phone directly to a user’s feed or through a computer. Users can browse other accounts using Picuki in order to search for specific subjects or items. The site does not allow users to view private accounts but does provide information about what type of content can be found using specific keywords.

There are a few questions concerning the Picuki tool on the internet. Let’s look at them…


Q.1 How do you make your foot prints appear when check Instagram photos on Picuki?

Most of the time, on Instagram when you glance at a post you see footprints.

Many people would like to see Instagram stories that do not leave footprints.

If you view the Instagram video on Picuki there aren’t footprints.

If you wish to view the story without footprints it’s safe to view it on an external website such as Picuki.

Q.2 Does Picuki legal and secure?

Yes, surfing Instagram anonymously is an legal secure, safe and easy method of enjoying all the features of Instagram without risking any unnecessary mishaps.

Q.3 What can I do use

  • Find famous people
  • View posts by celebrities
  • You can look over the comments made on the post.
  • Comment on a post , and view a profile of a user (you can also view the person’s profile)
  • There is a list of positive things that are listed on the blog
  • Hashtag search is a possibility
  • The story can be read here.

Q.4 What can I’t accomplish on

  • My profile settings
  • Create your own post
  • To comment
  • Good
  • Watch livestreams
  • It isn’t possible to download or view files from a private account

Q.5 Do I see the red key (private account)?

We’re sorry, but you’re not able to see any Instagram important Red (private account) posts or stories with this tool.

But, there is a techniques that can help. There is a YouTube channel that have already explained this technique.

Q.6 What is free? Doesn’t it get charged in the method?

Absolutely free. You won’t be charged at all. earns its revenue through the Google AdSense program, so it’s open to everyone to use for no cost.

There isn’t any hassle with account registration process.

Q.7 Which is the name of the company operating

I went to the official Picuki website, and it appears that the operating company’s information isn’t available.

If you wish to reach out to members of the management committee, other than making an application for deletion of an image Please do so via the next inquiry page on the website.

Q.8 Does Picuki anonymous?

It is true that it is anonymous. you can look up photos and stories with no footprints.

Q.9 What is the reason Picuki no longer working? Does it mean that the system is down?

A lot of users are experiencing issues with picuki such as loading issues editors not working, and even sites not opening. It’s due to the increase in load on their server. To resolve this issue, you must clean the cache in your browser or app you use.

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