Playing Outside in Winter


The fact that children play outside is no longer as self-evident as in the much are longboards to various social developments and the changing design of the outdoor space, the time that children play outside has decreased considerably. Research shows that children play outside less often and for less time.

Advantages of playing outside

Playing outside has many positive effects. It has a positive impact on children’s health in general and on the development of motor skills in particular. Children can learn to move well by playing outside. It also has a positive effect on children’s vision: by looking a lot closer, myopia can develop.

In addition, children can practice social skills. It turns out that children in movement situations can better assess the emotions of others. They are stronger in their shoes and can solve conflicts better. Playing outside also has a positive influence on the well-being of children. They can detach themselves from school or the family. They experience the environment. They can clear their heads and play together or just be alone for a while. There are no rules or expectations that they have to meet.

Pedagogical professionals and supervisors in children’s and out-of-school care can play an important role in stimulating and organizing outdoor play. It turns out that it pays to invest in outdoor play. They have the substantive and pedagogical skills to let children have fun playing outside.

In the summer months, children play outside for an average of 17 hours a week; in the cold months, that is only 8 hours on average. We also know that boys spend more time playing outside than girls. And that children in an urban area play outside less than children in non-urban areas.

Playing outside

As parents, you can also encourage longboards for children and teens play outside more. Then make sure that the activities match the age and interest of the children, ensure variation in movement, and that children can discover new skills.

Consider purchasing sets of suitable clothing for the children yourself. In winter, going outside is an extra challenge. It is cold and wet, which increases the threshold. Bad weather is one of the main impeding factors. Affordable rainproof clothing can be found at Decathlon, among others.

Other factors that are often mentioned are a preference for other play options such as gaming, too much traffic, too few play areas, and too few other children to play with. Parents also find playing outside less safe.

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