May 28, 2023
Tips for printing business cards: Essential factors to consider when choosing a printing company 

The printing business is no longer the low-tech operation it once was. Significant developments in printing technology have made the work more fun and clean for printing experts and improved the finished product’s appearance for clients.

When looking for business card printing services to design and print marketing materials for your business, consider the following factors:


Consistency is critical for putting your company on the map. Once you’ve decided on colours, typefaces, and forms for your business cards and promotional items, stick with them as long as they get favourable feedback. This will make your design an essential component of your company’s identity. Because around 85% of your consumers reside within a five-mile radius of your physical store, they will begin to associate your design with your company – and its reputation. This recognition is a valuable marketing asset.

Some potential clients may get puzzled if your printed resources have discrepancies. After all, your design may be the only thing a buyer remembers about your company. This is why your printing service supplier must always be consistent.

Shipping costs

You will often be charged for shipping by suppliers. For whatever size purchase, some will charge as little as $9.99, while others will charge substantially more. These prices might appear modest at first, but $9.99 might represent as much as 50% of the price of a business card box.

Making the decision to buy from a vendor that offers free delivery is crucial. The amount that may accumulate by year’s end is astounding.

Choose the right business card printing services. 

For financial services, physicians, attorneys, and other “coat and ties” professions, a muted card is often the most suitable business card. However, this is not always the case.

The business card that showcases your design ability acts as both an advertisement and portfolio for your firm if you work in the creative industry. Think about including a photo of yourself on your business card if prospects will remember your face rather than your company name.

Tips for printing business cards 

Begin with the Suitable Logo

Did you consider the possibility of your logo being reduced to minute sizes when designed? Your logo must show on your business card, but there isn’t much room for it. The text will not be recognisable when shrunk if it is intricate or contains too many words. If your logo only looks good on websites and signage, consider updating it or designing a related logo. The same holds true for promotional materials such as pens, uniform shirts, and advertisements, as well as business cards and stationery.

Choose a Color Scheme and a Font

Businesses such as bakeries and pet walking services should choose brighter colours. Professional companies, such as lawyers and accountants, should choose darker and neutral colours. Avoid using faint or difficult-to-read colours on your business cards since they’ll most likely be printed on white or cream.

A simple, readable font won’t be too small, but it shouldn’t be too small. Make sure you avoid cursive scrawls, block letters, and fancy typefaces, which can be difficult to read quickly. Also, try to use at least a 7-point font. So that everything is obvious

Print Quality 

Remember that your target audience has previously had exposure to high-quality printed resources. Making your tradeshow brochures stand out will require a distinctive touch. Your company’s printed materials mustn’t disappoint.

The quality of the printing equipment and the printing procedure will decide this. Choose a printing firm with an established track record of producing high-quality items using high-quality materials. You might also request samples to see whether their printing services are of the quality you want.

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