May 28, 2023
Top 7 common factors to consider before purchasing an exercise bike

The popularity of indoor exercise has risen steadily over recent years; today, almost two-thirds of people exercise indoors regularly. Workout studios, gyms, and other fitness facilities make indoor activity more appealing to many people. 

The downside is that these areas aren’t accessible to the general public or other non-members, which reduces their availability. One can opt for indoor gym equipment and turn around their workout regime to tackle this issue. 

Different types of exercise bikes are available now in the market. However, some common factors must be considered to select the best one. Read further to know about them. 

Resistance levels 

Resistance value is a gauge for its resistance level. It is expressed most frequently as R/min or Nm/kg and is measured in watts. It serves as a measure of the amount of force needed to pedal the bike. It also indicates the level at which the body is stressed. So, if you want a challenging workout, you can go for a bike with an increased resistance level and vice-versa. 

LCD console 

An LCD console is a small screen often located on a bike to show the rider how much time they have left before they reach their goal, how much exercise has been done, and how many calories they have burned. It can provide a general overview of the practice and help track progress.


When buying a workout bike, construction should be taken into account. It not only guarantees stability but also has the potential to lower injury risk. Construction of a bike includes weight, durability and the complexity involved in repairing. Most commercial bikes are well-built, but the same cannot be expected in entry-level models. So, checking up on the construction details before purchasing is essential. 

Adjustable seats and handlebars 

Adjustable seats and handlebars raise the bar for comfort on the bike by enabling you to alter your training to suit your comfort level. You may customize your workout to be as complicated or as easy as you wish by modifying the location of the seats and handlebars. Your overall bike experience may improve, and your fitness objectives may be reached more quickly with this added comfort level.


Regarding exercise bikes, flywheels provide several advantages like increased efficiency, reduced joint stress, etc. It can help you pedal more quickly, stabilise your workout even if you’re not at your maximum level, and make activities more interactive and engaging. 

Also, when you bike against a flywheel, your heart rate stays up, and you burn more calories. They are also quieter than a regular bike, allowing you to exercise and pedal in solitude.

Water bottle holder 

People often overlook the benefits of integrating a water bottle holder into their bike. By taking advantage of this feature, they can stay hydrated and energised throughout their workout. Not only does this save time, but it also helps to improve their overall workout experience.


It is essential to check the warranty on your bike before purchasing it, as it can give you peace of mind that you’re getting a quality product. A warranty can protect you financially if the product fails. If you have a warranty, you can take effect to a reputable retailer and have it fixed or replaced without spending any extra money. 

It should be stated on the retailer’s product page or packaging. It should also be noted on the product’s label and the box. When the warranty is being offered, it should be made very explicit.

Thus, these are the top factors to consider for purchasing a quality bike. Make a checklist of the factors mentioned above and check for them before making the final decision, and take care of your health with utmost comfort.

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