When is the expected date of the ruling in the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial?

On the 27th of May, jurors deliberated on this Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial. Soon, we will anticipate the verdict that brings the trial to an end. But, it seems that we’ll have to wait sometime. The judge, Penny Azcarate ordered the jurors to their homes over their homes for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, so the trial will begin on May 31, Tuesday with a start time of 9:15 ET. There’s no time frame for what time the decision will be delivered however, due to the amount of evidence that was presented in the last few weeks, we may need to wait for a while.

Over the course of a year, Depp as well as Heard have been in court to argue and we may be close to an agreement. Since April 11we’ve witnessed the public display of dirty laundry they’ve been throwing out but now, the time is running out away and they’ll need to remain hopeful they’ll convince the jury that they have a legitimate argument.

This trial had been initially set to end the 19th of May. the 19th of May, the Wednesday. With substantial evidence to be taken into consideration and a lengthy trial, it was decided to extend the trial so that jurors could be aware of the evidence they’ve heard.

The most recent date for the conclusion of this trial had been set to May 27, but on the 26th of May the two sides took the day off to rest from their argument. It’s not the end of the trial since jurors have to determine if Heard was slandering Depp in his Washington Post article.

Depp has filed an action against Heard to seek $50 million, claiming that she slammed her after she claimed she was a victim of domestic violence. Heard has countersued her for $100 million and claimed that Depp has hurt her reputation in a manner that she has accused she is being a fraud. Each party has concluded their statement.

What happened during the trial this week?

The lawyers representing Johnny Depp have attempted to discredit Amber Heard’s claims of a slanderous attack in the defamation trial that started on Tuesday. She presented a knife that she was giving as a gift for Johnny Depp “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor and notes she gave the actor.

When the trial started on Tuesday, the lawyer Camille Vasquez asked jurors to look at the knife Heard bought as a trade for Depp in 2012. Heard was one of the witnesses who claimed Depp had been aggressive towards her time.

“This is the knife you gave to the man who would get drunk and violent toward you?” The lawyer inquired. “This is the knife I gave him as a present, yes,” she said, noting that she was not certain the man would be able to inflict a stab on her using the knife.

Depp has acknowledged that he never hit Heard and claimed that she is the person who assaulted him during their relationship. He claimed that she slapped him with a vodka bottle at the beginning of 2015. She also cut off the tips of the middle of his finger on his right.

Heard that she did not cause injury to her finger and that she hit him to defend her sister or herself.

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