3 Tips for Creating Custom CBD Oil Boxes That Increase Your Sales


Custom packaging for CBD oil products is a great way to increase the perceived value of your products and boost sales. But how do you go about creating custom CBD oil boxes that aren’t cheesy and actually increase your sales? We’ve got some tips for you.

Make Your Custom CBD Oil Boxes Unfold

Rather than making your custom cbd oil boxes fold flat like a standard box, make them unfold into a multi-piece box that can be set up anywhere you want. It’s perfect for displaying on store shelves and works extremely well for displaying at fair booths or craft shows.

Use Eye-Grabbing Visuals

The best thing about hemp is its completely natural, organic fibers and oils. Don’t cover up this great natural look with excessive images or text on your custom box! Keep it simple by adding just enough information to create some curiosity without overwhelming the viewer with too much information.

Make Sure You Have Enough Room Inside Your Box

Before you make your design, make sure to factor in enough room for the product (and enough air around it if your customer is folding the box back up again). Too much product inside will leave no extra room to hide creases. Too little product, and not only does it look cheap, but you might also be sending a message that your hemp market bag or hemp gift box isn’t big enough to fit what people need.

The Fold-Back Design Will Keep Your Box Closed

Tired of gummed flaps? Then this picket-style fold-back design might be perfect for you! This design keeps all contents safe, secure and clean with its easy open/close fold-over flap. Besides adding more elegance to your packaging, fold-back designs also prevent your products from spilling while in transit.

Whether You Need a Hemp Bag With Handles or Without

Hemp bags are not known for their beautiful fabric; instead, they are known for their quality, durability and environmental friendliness. However, unlike most traditional hemp market bags that have two shoulder straps sewn onto the bag itself, buckwheat zafu meditation cushion covers have hand carry handles attached to the side of each bag. This feature makes them easy to carry around when you’re visiting customers at fairs or markets without having to worry about extra luggage on your shoulders.

The Bucket Design Will Keep Your Popcorn in One Place

Most of us love watching an action movie or a thriller with popcorn in our hands. However, there is always that one person who simply can’t keep their hand steady and manages to drop large popcorn kernels on the floor every five minutes.

This design by Bretton wood will save you from the hassle of cleaning up the mess done by your clumsy friend. It allows you to carry six liters of popcorn in a unique bucket shape, so it doesn’t get everywhere when you move around.

The three-layer re-enforced bottom makes sure your snack stays where it is, even if you accidentally bump into somebody while reaching for that extra piece of chocolate from the candy counter at Costco. While the Bucket provides easy carrying, the inner silicone bowl will stop you from spilling your drink on the floor.

The importance of custom CBD oil boxes

A free-for-all day of snacks might have some people unsure about what to bring with them. The Bucket itself is not dishwasher or microwave safe, so don’t plan on using it when you get home.

However, just because the product is sold in stores doesn’t mean it has to be used in a store. It can also be used at home during family movie night or for an indoor picnic.

The original design of these buckets was for theaters. But you can take them with you anywhere and not spill your drink or get food on your clothes. You could also use the Bucket if you buy more than one box of popcorn for that $20 found under the couch. It’s also easy to enjoy a movie at home with friends and family – buttonwood just made everything better!

However, it might be too late to buy one of these kits as they are now sold out. But don’t worry, buttonwood might make more or design another kit soon.

 How to choose the right design for your custom CBD oil boxes?

Be creative according to your brand image and the targeted audience. Complement your design with a matching invitation or marketing campaign;

Make sure that you include enough information for the right people, like an address or phone number. Don’t forget to include relevant keywords in case somebody does a Google search.

If it is related to your business, add a QR code that people can scan with their phones. Might you have seen CBD oil companies lately? There are a lot of them. So make sure that you stand out from the crowd by creating something special. Make sure that you have a unique value proposition so new customers will remember you from others. There are hundreds of them every day!

Your packaging should be simple, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

You can add a QR code or make it interactive with a video. That would be amazing!

When you have everything ready, keep in mind one more thing – your budget. It doesn’t mean that you should spend all of your money on marketing at once, but start small and then scale up if the results are good. If they don’t work well, try something new and test it again. Maybe someday, you will find the right formula for success!

You can sell your products online. You don’t need a store to do that. People will be able to buy your product from all over the world by email or websites where they can order it.

 Make sure you align your CBD oil boxes with the right audience.

It is a mistake to think that more people will be able to buy your products, so you have to start with a limited range. What about the launch of your website on Thanksgiving? I’m sure you already know how many families gather at their homes for this special day.

People love to decorate their homes with various stuff. Flowers, pillows, breakfasts in bed! There are so many options to inspire them. You can order custom boxes for your cannabis oil products.

Don’t say that you need great design or professional skills for that. Just take your time and browse through the Internet. You will find amazing ideas about boxes designs and what colors to choose there!

You can also print cartoons of all sorts on the boxes. And this is another advantage of doing it yourself. Visit Amazon and search for “Bold Graphics” if you want to see something similar.

You can include some special gifts inside your box too! Maybe a candle or bracelet? Also, don’t forget to add the name of your brand to the packaging so your loved one gets to know who it’s from.

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