8 Virtual Escape Rooms – Online Puzzles for Friends

 Life before the onset of the COVID pandemic was easy. There was no social distancing and fear of catching a deadly virus, and you could easily enjoy yourselves in an escape room. Bonding with friends and family in an escape room while solving clues in a thrill-packed 60 minutes is a fun and satisfying activity that leaves behind pleasant memories. But now that most of these places are temporarily closed due to pandemic policies and safety protocols, escape games feel like a distant thing in these setbacks. However, as everything has surfaced in a virtual format, be it online classes, medical appointments, company meetings, etc., it makes sense for various virtual escape rooms to exist. You can still embark on an adventurous escape room ride even from home with your friends and enjoy fascinating online puzzles.  

Here is a list of 8 virtual escape rooms and online puzzles that will keep you and your buddies entertained:  

.The Escape Game  

Are you looking for distant adventures with plenty of fun settings? The Escape Game is the ideal site for you. You can easily play it on a Zoom meeting. Their guides host plenty of live games for both small and large groups. Captivating breakout puzzles such as The Depths, The Gold Rush, Prison Break, The Heist, Ruins: Forbidden Treasure, etc., are just a call away from you. Or you can fill out the form to book your preferred escape room and dive into an exciting quest of riddles and challenges with your friends and folks. 

.Cube Escape: Paradox  

This virtual escape game is the tenth installment in the well-acclaimed Cube Escape game series. The entire premise revolves around two different locations like a typical escape room theme – the Paradox Room and the Forest. In the game, you play as the avatar of detective Dave Vandermeer who got stuck in an ominous and unfamiliar room. He has no idea of his previous memories and past recollections. And now, it is all up to you to help him escape from his confining place and traceback his lost memories by solving the testing puzzles that keep getting increasingly tricky. The psychosomatic and eerie effects implemented in this escape room puzzle give it a top spot in the classic lore of horror games. And its surreal imagery and intrinsic details are enough to keep you engaged throughout the premise.  

.Alpha Centaury  

It is the year 2097, and the challenge is to unlock the next phase in space exploration. This escape room cum 60-minute self-guided game takes you aboard the race from Earth to Pluto and Alpha Centaury through various engaging riddles, challenges, and stunning visuals. It provides a breathtaking virtual space journey, and you can escape the daily humdrum of your life with your peers in this escape to the star just by sitting at home.  

1. International Monster Hunter 

It is a slightly different escape room puzzle and mostly a virtual team-building game. The whole premise is 90 minutes long, where you and your group of friends embark on a journey to unearth various bizarre monsters across each continent in the world. As professional Cryptozoological Researchers in this escape room game, you will slowly discover plenty of mythical creatures like Bunyip, Loch Ness, Chupacabra, etc., as the game lore progresses. You have to solve the puzzles, find answers to riddles, and complete the challenges to track and trap these unusual monsters and fantastical beasts. The entire setting has an immersive and captivating panorama that will not make anyone feel left due to the avatars that are fun and thrill-seeking protagonists. 

.Hogwarts Digital Escape Room  

Who isn’t a Harry Potter fan? We’ve all imagined ourselves having a magical experience of wondrous tales in Hogwarts castle. If you’ve dreamed it, this escape room is perfect for you. Suitable for all ages, it needs 15 minutes to play to solve 3-puzzles using your mathematical and critical thinking skills. Due to its popularity and central theme, even non Harry Potter fans have been drawn to this game and enjoy it wholeheartedly. 

.Nox – Mystery Adventure Escape  

Prepare to lose yourself with your friends in the thrilling and captivating puzzles of one of the best online escape room games. The Nox mystery adventure is known for having a stylish setting that depends more on the uncanny and mysterious spooky effects instead of the classic horror and psychological elements. You also have to keep in mind that its environment is not only there to make you feel uncomfortable but give you an impression of an extra player behind your every step. Throughout the game, you get this sudden urge to look back and recheck some objects or the previous location and retrace your moves in the constantly increasing and uncanny atmosphere. So if you enjoy playing an escape room with extremely minute details and an adventurous plot, you should try the Nox mystery escape room. 

.Rise of the Mad Pharaoh  

It is a theatrical escape room RPG with Egyptian horror as its central theme. It has all the elements of an entertaining escape room, from an engaging storyline to sound effects and puzzles to solve. All you need is the Zoom app, a team consisting of 3 to 6 people and headphones, and a mic, and then you can begin your journey to save Dr. Carter and help him destroy the evil Pharaoh and its sarcophagus in Egypt. And the best part? You get to be the star in this action-packed virtual breakout game and choose your characters and costume ideas. 

 .True Fear: Forsaken Souls I

It is a cult classic escape room puzzle that ranks as a well-acclaimed and mind-bending escape room game that you can play for free. Its themes and uncanny horror-inspired eerie atmosphere will leave you tongue-tied and mesmerized by its vast lore. Although it relies more on a psychological thriller, it will still send a chill running down your spine as you progress in the game. The intuitive gameplay delivers a perfect escape room puzzle with an engaging storyline and terrific background panorama to back up its challenges and elements. Trailing more on the tricky side, you will have to solve all its unexpected twists and turns and look for secret clues and hints in your surroundings. It is a must-try for all diehard horror lovers and escapes room enthusiasts.  


So these were 8 of the best online puzzles you can play with your friends. And our above list is just the surface of escape rooms you can virtually enjoy from numerous available breakout games. Also, while we know you cannot experience each of them, you could always add a couple more to your bucket list of future escape room adventures. So keep exploring because the end is when you decide for yourself. 

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