Hair Transplant Surgery: FUE or FUT-Which is the Best Option?

Hair Transplant Surgery: FUE or FUT - Which is the Best Option?

The hair transplant procedure is a permanent way to address thinning or balding areas. Hair transplantation surgery can help you regrow hair in your head and face, as well as give you a fuller, more natural-looking appearance. You can choose between two distinct methods of hair restoration: follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

Both FUE and FUT involve harvesting individual grafts of scalp tissue that are implanted into the desired areas. In both cases, the surgeon will place multiple small sections of donor tissue onto recipient sites for each follicular unit—a process called “follicular unit extraction”—which results in fewer scars than traditional strip harvesting techniques used for other types of grafting procedures like punch excision grafting (PEG), strip resection technique (STR), etc…

What are FUE and FUT?

What are FUE and FUT
What are FUE and FUT

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant method in which individual follicles are extracted from the donor area and transplanted into the patient’s head. The process involves making incisions through your scalp to remove individual hairs, then isolating them with scissors before stitching them together with small sutures. It’s a good option for smaller areas of hair loss, such as around eyebrows or temples where there isn’t much surface area to cover.

FUE offers more flexibility in terms of how many grafts can be used per area so that the result looks natural (i.e., no unnatural angles). This makes it ideal for those who want something subtle but still noticeable like someone who has been wearing an invisibility cap all their life trying out something trendy!

Difference between FUE and FUT

The first thing to know about FUE is that it’s minimally invasive. This means that you won’t need stitches and can go home the same day as your procedure without any major complications. In contrast, FUT requires more time in the operating room and can cause some swelling after the procedure.

Difference between FUE and FUT
Difference between FUE and FUT

The second difference between these two procedures is cost: FUT tends to be less expensive than FUE because it doesn’t require any incisions on your scalp (unlike standard scalp hair transplants). However, if you’re looking for something more affordable or want an even less invasive option than what we offer here at Dr. Elman’s Dermatology Center then…

Pros and Cons of FUE and FUT

As you might expect, there are some pros and cons to consider when deciding between FUT and FUE. Here they are:


  • It’s a more traditional procedure that requires less time in the operating room. The patient will be asleep during this part of the surgery, which can reduce anxiety levels and pain if you have any concerns about anesthesia or blood loss during your recovery period.
  • You may have fewer complications after FUT because it requires only one needle instead of multiple needles like with FUE (though it does take longer). This means less downtime while your body heals itself back together after surgery, as well as less scarring than what could result from using several needles at once (which could cause permanent damage).


  • FUT requires a longer recovery period than FUE, which means you’re likely to be more sore and tired during your first few days after surgery. It also may take longer for you to get back on your feet as well.
  • The scarring from FUT is also more noticeable than the scars that result from FUE, which means you may have to wait longer before going out in public or returning to work. The chance of permanent scarring is also higher with FUT than it is with FUE.

Which is the best hair transplant option for you?

Hair transplant surgery is a very personal decision. It’s important to make sure you’re comfortable with the procedures and their outcomes before you proceed.

Which is the best hair transplant option for you?
Which is the best hair transplant option for you?

If you have a limited amount of hair loss, FUT is likely your best option. However, if you have significant balding or thinning areas on top of your head (e.g., receding hairline), then FUE may be better for you because it requires less scalp dissection than FUT does.


FUE and FUT are the two main options for hair transplant surgery, but there are many other methods available. It is important to discuss your needs with a doctor from our team so that we can give you an accurate assessment of which method would be best for you.

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