Like butter-smooth K-Pop’s sensation BTS promos using QR codes.

Did you have any idea that BTS has QR codes printed on their official merchandise and endorsements?

The generator for QR codes is not a new concept in the K-Pop world. The majority of record labels have employed QR codes to serve a variety of purposes from authenticating items to promoting music and songs videos.

Utilizing QR codes is effortless since it’s so simple to make and scan.

Are you interested in the ways the Bangtan boys make use of this technique in their campaigns? Find out more here.

What is the process by which BTS make use of QR codes in their merchandise and endorsements

Here are a few ways in which BTS effectively used QR codes to promote their services:

1. Video-on-demand

BTS launched their 2022 Season’s greetings on 9th December 2021. The package was physical and contained an electronic code card that included an QR code.

Armed forces members who entered the code using The Weverse mobile app uncovered exclusive footage from behind the scenes.

2. Rewards-based surveys with rewards

Map of the Soul Persona and the other BTS albums had QR codes included inside the box. The code directed fans scanning it to a questionnaire provided via Big Hit, the group’s label.

The ARMYs who participated in the survey earned Weverse shop points that served as discounts on products purchased through The Weverse store.

Other albums also were accompanied by QR codes which led people directly to Weply instead.

3. Product authentication

Armed forces would be able to bang their heads in a circle to fake love However, it doesn’t mean that they’d actually buy fake merchandise.

The QR codes that are printed on BTS official merchandise serves as a proof of authenticity. Fans can check the authenticity of their bought merchandise by scanning the QR code. Then, they can be confident that the item is authentic.

3. A billboard message

In their 7th mini album BE promotion, billboards with large QR codes were set up at various places.

The ARMYs who read the QR code on the file and found brief, informative messages from every BTS member: RM, Jin, SUGA J-hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.


The ARMYPEDIA was a unique collection of ARMY’s memories from their time with BTS since their debut on the 13th of June, 2013.

In this campaign, the ARMYs took part in an adventure to find QR codes that led them to pieces of the puzzle. This project brought together millions of ARMYs across the globe.

The campaign was over on 24 March 2019, however, the Army’s affection for BTS isn’t over yet.

How can ARMYs utilize QR codes?

It’s not possible to stop BTS from being awed by themselves however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your admiration for them.

Here are some ideas on how you can utilize QR codes to express your gratitude to the boy group:

1. The number of YouTube views is increasing.

BTS consistently breaks records in its YouTube views due to its huge and loyal army of.

You can help promote BTS music videos through the creation of a YouTube QR code. It will guide users to the song on YouTube and increase the number of views.

2. Share BTS playlists

Many fans have created publicly-available playlists via Spotify and broadcast them to a worldwide audience. If you’ve got a playlist with your most loved BTS songs You can include its link in the form of a Spotify QR code.

3. Create images

You can make slideshows featuring your favorite BTS images using the H5 QR codes. You can choose the slider image from the creator of H5 pages to display the images.

BTS QR code: an easy experience for the ARMYs

BTS certainly doesn’t require permission to utilize QR codes for the promotion of their songs and offers ARMYs gifts and unexpected surprises.

The seamless design is great because they’re mobile-friendly they can be read by smartphones, and the content is designed for mobile devices.

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