Protecting Online Community with Age Verification

Whenever attempting a new operation of registration for a bank account or even a new Facebook profile, everyone experiences an age verification check before proceeding any further. Why is this so? Well, the Age verification process is necessary for any new identity to protect the community online.


With everything moving digital the scammers are also opting for digital weapons of infringing the online system. Age verification is one of the checks that is performed to ensure the reality of the user.


The Age verification solution is necessary as it protects the online community and ensures the right person accesses the right service. With more than 43% of people who support the identity verification check online, The Age verification system is increasing day by day with new technologies and methods to verify the age of the user. AI systems are used in the digital world to detect the age of an individual online.

What is Digital Age Verification?

The process of verifying the age of an individual online is called digital age verification. It is a system that is built on the foundation of artificial intelligence, it detects and analyzes the user in a number of different ways and operations. The main purpose of age verification by digital means is to make sure the online interaction is secure and carried out in a digital way without involving physical contact.


The digital age verification system is created using different new technologies and machine learning algorithms, which enable the effective detection of individuals online.

How does Digital Age Verification work?

Age verification systems are developed with artificial intelligence methods and involve a deep learning approach to detect minors and fraudsters online. It works in a number of ways to analyze the data of the user to extract and process the real age of the user. Some of the methods are a part of this blog.

Age Verification with Documents

Most systems are developed to verify age by taking user input. Age verification with documents is a process by which age is verified by comparing different legal paperwork with the age input of the user. It involved the AI system processing the user input by comparing it to the age extracted from the document using OCR technology.

Age Verification using Security Questions

Most of us have seen multiple questions on several online platforms whenever trying to login into the system, many organizations set up different security questions to analyze the age of the user. Some of the questions are personality tests and walkthroughs by which the digital system determines the age of the user.

Age Verification with Biometrics

Biometrics plays a great part in the age verification process, different systems opt for different methods for biometric scanning of the system. Online biometric scanning is performed to check the age of the user, many systems use facial scanning to detect the user’s face. It analyzes the geometry of the face to determine the age of the user. Other biometric methods include voice recognition, and liveness detention to verify the age of the user.

Age Verificaiton Solution

Multiple age verification laws are followed by various e-commerce and online platforms to ensure the age verification process of the user is carried out before any onboarding activity, to ensure the protection of the online community, especially minors’ protections digitally. Multiple laws are proposed to protect minors online, such as the COPPA rule (Children Online Privacy Protection Rule) which states the rules and regulations for children under 13.


 Other laws and Compliances provide a complete operational procedure to prevent identity theft online. One of the major checks is the KYCC check.

KYCC (Know Your Customer’s Customer)

The KYCC law focuses on the potential customers of several businesses to identify the users online. It provides a complete verification cycle to determine the potential users of the clients. By verifying the secondary customers most organizations verify the clients for future services and processes. The age verification process is carried out in compliance with the KYCC check.


With the revolution of businesses and other platforms online, new users are increasing each day to avail the services online. Many industries are providing online services to users. The Age verification process is carried out in almost every industry to ensure the credibility of the clients and businesses online. The major check is carried out to prevent fraudsters from accessing the services of the online system. Another reason for age verification is the protection of minors online to restrict them from underage digital content.

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