Shattered Throne Map 2022: Your Guide to the Dream City

Shattered Throne Map 2022 Your Guide to the Dream City

What do you know about Shattered Throne Map? Are you moving to the capital, or just visiting? A guide to the city’s most famous locations and attractions, as well as some lesser-known spots that every visitor should check out. This guide will also help you plan how long you’ll stay and where you’ll go during your visit and let you know what sort of fun awaits you after your visit has ended!

The Basics

The map is broken up into four quadrants. North, East, West, and South. There are many neighborhoods in each quadrant that you can explore and discover. The city is divided by a river that flows from North to South. The first thing you will notice about the map is that there are no roads for your car or bike to travel on. But don’t worry, we have created an extensive subway system that connects every neighborhood together! If you prefer getting around on foot, then we’ve also marked all of our pedestrian paths.

The Shattered Throne

The first thing one notices about the Shattered Throne map is that it’s a sprawling city, with many different neighborhoods. The second thing one notices is that this map has an incredible amount of detail. Not only are there detailed descriptions of what can be found in each area, but there are also many hand-drawn images to show players what they might see when they visit these areas.

The map is divided into four quarters: West Side, East Side, South Side, and North Side. The West and East sides of the city are residential areas. The West side has a more upper-class feel while the East side feels more like a blue-collar neighborhood.

The Awoken

the awoken in shattered throne

In Shattered Throne, the Awoken are a race of beings who have awoken from a long slumber. Their original homeland was shattered by an unknown catastrophe. The war-torn ruins they inhabit now are known as The Shattered Throne. Millennia ago, their ancestors migrated out of this place and across the stars, searching for a new home where they could rebuild their civilization.

As time passed and they encountered other races and worlds, they gave up on returning home and settled in various corners of the universe instead. However, it seems that one day all life in this universe will come to an end, and then what? Where would these people go? What is left for them to do? For those who refuse to accept this fate, there may be hope for salvation; but it won’t be easy.

The Queen’s Court

The Queen's Court

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on behind those high walls? Who is this mysterious Queen? What are her plans for our city? Our Shattered Throne Map 2022 gives you everything you need (and more) before setting out into this once-peaceful town. The most recent map was released in 2022, and it has seen some changes since then! It now includes a full map of downtown Dream City with labels, a new detailed map of the Queen’s Court that shows where each building is located, information about the layout and how it’s changed over time, and even an illustration of how much gold can be found throughout your adventures!

The Crystal Spire

The Crystal Spire

Crystals are an essential element when visiting any area with a high level of mana in the atmosphere. They help ground that power so that the air itself doesn’t become too suffocating or electrified and they provide protection against those who would use magic against you without your knowledge. There are two types of crystals white, which is most common, and green, which is rare but also much more powerful.

The Hollowed Lair

The Hollowed Lair

The slimes here are all named after different types of food, including Bananas, Chocolate, Eggs, and Rice. They’re all very friendly and won’t attack unless you attack them first! If you’re lucky, you might even find a Slime Key or two. There is also an exit in this room which will take you back to your house if it’s not currently occupied.

You can only travel back home by using your private portals in any room that is not currently occupied by another player’s private portal. The Crimson Coast: Located just outside on the coast south of Pearl Islands, this area is home to some rather hostile demons who will stop at nothing to kill anyone who approaches their domain.

The Winding Labyrinth

The Winding Labyrinth

In 2027, construction began on a new map of the city. It took four years and $10 million to build a new labyrinth, which we call The Winding Labyrinth. The main difference between it and its predecessor is that it is an enclosed maze with no exit. For those of you who may be familiar with Dungeons & Dragons, this map would be similar in size and complexity to an adventure level.

As for naming conventions, we chose to keep our tradition alive by naming each room. Just like when exploring the old map, players will need a guide or clues from elsewhere in order for them to figure out what lies behind each door or corridor.

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