5 Ways To Use Unwanted Gift Cards

5 Ways To Use Unwanted Gift Cards

Most of us have gift cards that we don’t use and don’t want. The problem is, not all of them are worth anything. In fact, most of them may be worth less than their face value! But there are still ways to cash in on your unwanted gift cards. Here are five ways you can turn your unwanted gift cards into something useful:

Use them at the register to get cash back.

  • Use them at the register to get cash back.

Gift cards are a great way to get money back on things you already own, but they also make it possible for you to pay for things you don’t have yet. You can use your gift card at the grocery store and get paid back in cash (or even use it at another store). If there’s something on your shopping list that sounds nice but isn’t important enough to buy with an actual credit card (like groceries), consider using a gift card instead!

Donate them.

  • Donate them.

Donating unwanted gift cards to charity is one of the easiest ways to use them. You can donate them directly to your local food bank, homeless shelter, church, or school. If you choose this option, be sure that the organization is legitimate so that your donations go where they should and don’t get lost in the system (like it happens with some scam charities).

Sell them on Craigslist or other sites like Facebook Marketplace.

Sell them on Craigslist or other sites like Facebook Marketplace.

The easiest way to sell your unwanted gift cards is on Craigslist. You can find the best deals if you post them in the right place and time.

Here are some tips for posting:

  • Be sure to only include one photo, so that people will be able to see exactly what they are getting before they buy it. This will help ensure that the buyer won’t buy something else instead of yours!
  • Include all of your contact information, including an email address where people can reach out with questions or concerns about their purchase – this makes things easier for everyone involved because it’s less work for both sides (especially since there isn’t much risk involved).

Trade them in for something you want.

If you have an unwanted gift card, there are plenty of ways to use it. You can sell the card through online sites like Gift Card Granny and Cardpool. These sites will pay you cash for your unwanted gift cards or give you a different gift card in exchange for the unwanted one.

If selling the gift card isn’t something that interests you, but still want to get rid of it (and doesn’t want to hold onto it forever), consider trading them in with other people at local retailers. You may be able to find someone who’s interested in buying your unwanted gifts so they don’t go to waste!

Use them to pay bills.

You can use your gift card to pay bills. For example, if you have a utility bill that comes due in the next few weeks and you want to pay it with your gift card, do so. You’ll also be able to choose from a variety of payment methods when using it this way (like credit cards or electronic checks).

You may be thinking that paying bills with a gift card isn’t very practical since there’s no money left on the card once paid off, but think about how much easier it is than using cash or checks! It doesn’t matter if you’re paying $10 or $100; every dollar counts when it comes time for taxes!

You can use unwanted gift cards in lots of different ways

Unwanted gift cards can be used in lots of different ways, but here are some ideas for how you can use them:

  • Use them to pay bills. You could use your unwanted gift card to pay off a debt or make sure that bill is paid on time. This is especially useful if you have an account with them and there’s no need for cash back!
  • Sell on Craigslist or other sites like Facebook Marketplace. If you have an old unopened one-time-use card from Amazon or Target, consider selling it online through sites like Craigslist so that someone else can enjoy its usefulness!
  • Trade in at the register so that they give you cash back instead of another useless piece of plastic (or paper). Many stores offer this option–check out our list below!


As you can see, there are many ways to use unwanted gift cards. So next time someone gives you one, don’t be afraid to use it!

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