Getfreedomunlimited Com: How To Apply for Credit Card?

Getfreedomunlimited Com

The Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card, offered by JPMorgan Chase & Co., stands out as one of the most popular and highly-rated credit cards in the United States.

If you’re considering applying for this card, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process, benefits, and frequently asked questions.

How to Apply for Chase Freedom Unlimited?

How to Apply for Chase Freedom Unlimited

To get started, visit and enter the required information, including your 12-digit invitation number, 5-digit zip code, and last name. Ensure you meet the basic eligibility criteria: be a legal resident of the United States, at least 18 years old, and possess a good to excellent credit score.

Whether you choose to apply online or by phone, the process is straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free application experience.

What are the Benefits of Chase Freedom Unlimited?

This credit card caters to individuals who prefer cashback rewards over travel incentives. Let’s delve into the notable advantages it offers:

  1. High Cashback Rates: Chase Freedom Unlimited boasts one of the best cashback rates in the credit card industry. Users enjoy rewarding returns on their spending.
  2. Lucrative Cash Bonus: A tempting cash bonus awaits those who meet specific spending thresholds. This feature sweetens the deal for cardholders.
  3. No Annual Fee: Unlike some credit cards, Chase Freedom Unlimited comes with the added perk of no annual fees. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to maximize benefits without ongoing costs.
  4. Cash-back that Lasts: Your earned cash-back doesn’t come with an expiration date. This flexibility allows you to accumulate rewards and redeem them at your convenience.
  5. Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver: Accidents can happen, and this benefit provides peace of mind by waiving auto rental collision damage costs.

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Insights from Cardholders: Real Reviews, Real Experiences

Let’s take a moment to hear from individuals who have experienced the benefits of Chase Freedom Unlimited:

“The best cashback offer going, and it has a cool blue color.” – Kyle J.

“If you don’t have a credit card, get this one now!” – Sam K.

“The Chase Freedom Unlimited card is and always will be the best credit card in the universe. This card just loves giving the customer money. Purchase at Walmart, get cashback.” – Jay G. from Little Rock, AK.

“Among all of the cards in my wallet, the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card is, undoubtedly, my top pick. Every month I am allowed a ton of cashback, which, unfortunately, my spouse goes all out within a matter of minutes.” – Albert A. from Chicago, IL.

“The Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit card is the top card you will ever find known to man. You’re presented with numerous cashbacks. Whether you buy from Walmart, Burger King, get some gas, etc., you are guaranteed cashback. It’s simple. GET THIS CARD.” – Alan P. from New York, NY.

Answering Your Questions: Chase Freedom Unlimited

Now, let’s address some common questions you might have:

How long is Chase Freedom Unlimited interest-free?

The interest-free period is 15 months, followed by a variable APR of 15.24% – 23.99%, based on your creditworthiness.

How hard is it to get Chase Freedom Unlimited?

To qualify for this card, a credit score of 690 or higher is necessary. Excellent credit is required to secure approval.

Is Chase Freedom being discontinued?

Yes, the Chase Freedom credit card was discontinued on September 15, 2020. While no longer available to new applicants, existing cardholders can continue to use their cards.

How do I use my Chase Freedom Unlimited points?

Redeem points for cash back and use them for various purchases, from Apple products to Amazon buys. The flexibility ensures you get the most out of your rewards.


The Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card is a stellar choice for those who value cashback rewards and seek a card with transparent benefits. Whether you’re a seasoned credit card user or considering your first card, the Freedom Unlimited card has proven itself as a reliable and rewarding choice in the competitive credit card landscape. Apply today and experience the financial freedom that comes with Chase.

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